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Fooshy�CMS, Content Management System - cheap, feature rich, expandable and flexible content management system for web designers and web site owners.

Fooshy® is an expandable and flexible content management system aimed at web designers and web site owners. Dynamic sites, full of content can quickly and easily be created without the need for any programming skills. Fooshy comes with an easy to use Web Content Administration system with built in management for documents, images and streamed media, and provides all the components required to build and manage content rich, attractive websites with the ease of creating a word document.

What is Fooshy?

Fooshy is an easy to use, extensible and flexible content management system aimed at web designers and web site owners. Dynamic sites, rich in all types of content can be created, without the need for any programming skills, in a relatively short amount of time. Complete with a document and image management system, Fooshy combines all the components required to build content rich, attractive websites with the ease of creating a word document.

What is Content Management?

A content management system (CMS) is a system used to manage the text, images and other media files asscoiated with a web site. A content management system allows the content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), to manage the creation, modification and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a web master.

What are the benefits of Content Management?

  • Anyone with basic word processing skills can create, edit and publish web site content.
  • Consistent branding is kept throughout the site - pages can follow a templated style
  • Using templates is not the only way you can design a Fooshy website but it makes design changes across the entire site an easy job.
  • Keeping your site's content current is simple and quick to do.   Add or change pages when your business needs it, not when your overworked web designer can find the time.
  • Images, streamed media files and downloadable documents can easily be added to a website, without FTP access.

How does Fooshy work?

Fooshy combines the web site data (or content) with a template web page to create the web page sent to the browser. No databases are required by Fooshy, so there are no additional licence costs or set up problems.

Web designers can work with the 'white label' template pages we supply or design their own from scratch. The Fooshy code generator will create most of the Fooshy tags emdebbed in the HTML for copy and paste into your template web page. Fooshy works equally well for web pages using tables or CSS for layout.

What are Fooshules?

Fooshy is a modular system which can allow you to extend the features in your website as your business grows. A Fooshule is our word for a module. It's a silly name but we like it. So, for instance, if you decide you need a New or Events section on your site, it's cheap and easy to plug in the appropriate Fooshule. There are Fooshules to provide a whole range of advanced features, including secure members areas, e-Commerce (catalogues, carts, payments) as well as streamed media and photo gallery plug-ins.

To learn more about Fooshules, click here.

What Fooshules do I need?

The entry level packages comes with single or two level navigation and Content Managed pages. After that, the Fooshules you need depend entirely on what advanced features you want on your web site. Please feel free to contact us for advice on which package is right for you.

What does an Entry level package give me?

The basic Fooshy CMS products give you 1 or 2 level navigation, which can be altered and extended by the website owner at any time, Content Managed pages and an online Administration Area, hidden from search engines and protected against unauthorised access. In addition, each Fooshy package as well as individual Fooshules are supplied with a range of templated layouts appropriate to the product. These are 'vanilla' pages with a CSS so that you can add your own the style.

How much will it cost?

Prices start at £49 for a Fooshy CMS site with single level navigation. Additional plug-ins can be bought at the outset or added later as your company/web site grows. Click here for a full price list.

Can I try it out?

Yes, of course! There is an online demo from where you can log into the Admin area and try changing pages. This is reset to its original state every twenty minutes. In addition, you can download free trial versions of most products. These are fully functional trial versions.

What type of Web Server can I run a Fooshy site from?

Fooshy runs on Windows 2000 and 2003 web servers. It requires Microsoft .net Framework 1.1 (free from Microsoft but your ISP will have already installed this on the web server). Fooshy CMS does not use a database. Some Fooshules, such as e-Commerce and Members require an Access database on the web server. All versions of Fooshy CMS require permissions setting on folders within the website root, specifically if the webserver is running IIS 5.0, the user 'ASP.NET' will need Read, Write and Modify permissions to the 'data' and 'configuration' folders in the root. If the webserver runs IIS 6.0, the user 'NETWORK SERVICE' will need these permissions. In addition to this, Fooshy requires running with Full Trust. This is usually the case if each website is run in its own application pool, with its own identity user - Microsoft's suggested way of running multiple .net applications on a shared server. Not only does this provide security, it also provides added stability - one website crash will not affect any of the others hosted on the same server. Please check with your ISP that this is possible before purchasing Fooshy (a list of suitable ISP's can be found here)

Why can't I save changes to content?

The problem here is most likely due to file permissions. Some website hosts offer control panels, such as Plesk. Within these control panels there are sections to edit specific file permissions. Fooshy requires Write privileges to the "config", "configuration", "data" and "templates" folders and all sub files and folders - the user that should have permission is the Worker Process (WP) user. On a default server install, this would be the user Network Service, however, control panels such as Plesk create specific users for these roles, and have names such as "Plesk IIS WP User".

What help and support can I expect from Fooshy?

Full setup notes are shipped with all of our products. There is online help for Web designers and Website Owners / Content Administrators, which include FAQ pages. Downloadable training guides, and a community forum for all Fooshy Partners. We offer 'off the shelf' or tailored training to both web designers and web administrators and you can contact us for assistance.

To assist you in getting your site up and running, or even helping with design related problems, we also offer a "pay-as-you-go" support package to help you along the way.

Support starts with a £15 'callout' charge. This callout charge covers up to 30 minutes of support, in which time we aim to resolve 90% of all support requests. Additional support costs £30 per hour (rounded up to the nearest 30 minutes).

For feature requests, additional work or a rolling support contract, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.