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Fooshy�CMS, Content Management System - cheap, feature rich, expandable and flexible content management system for web designers and web site owners.

Fooshy® is an expandable and flexible content management system aimed at web designers and web site owners. Dynamic sites, full of content can quickly and easily be created without the need for any programming skills. Fooshy comes with an easy to use Web Content Administration system with built in management for documents, images and streamed media, and provides all the components required to build and manage content rich, attractive websites with the ease of creating a word document.


Create an online store using the Fooshy e-Commerce range of plug-ins.

Fooshy offers 2 different e-Commerce solutions with its Content Management System, e-Commerce with email and e-Commerce with PayPal

Aimed at the smaller retailer or business offering 'cash on delivery' to its customers, Fooshy e-Commerce with Email provides an simple yet elegant solution, whereby items for sale can be added to the site, categorised and sold to customers, without the need for online credit card transactions. On completion of order, both retailer and customer receive an order confirmation, which can then be dealt with by the retailer as they wish (offline payment, cash on delivery etc).

Fooshy e-Commerce with PayPal links directly to the retailers PayPal merchant account to allow online payment. On completion of payment, both customer and retailer receive an email confirmation of order.

With both e-Commerce solutions, customer and order details are stored allowing the retailer to run reports on previous orders etc. and the order confirmation email can be edited using the usual Fooshy HTML editor.

Please feel free to contact us if you require any further information or would like a no obligations quote

Fooshy Mailer

Send personalised emails to your customers/members with the Fooshy Mailer. The mailer automatically plugs-in to your existing Fooshy customer and/or member databases enabling you to send emails at the click of a button. The mailer also comes with a 'Newletter Signup' module for visitors to join your mailing list.

The mailer allows creation of HTML emails, which can be stored for later use, using the familiar HTML editor. A record of each batch mailing is kept for your information. Each email sent is automatically tagged with an unsubscribe link, ensuring you are compliant with anti-spamming laws.

Fooshy Gallery

Store images in approriate galleries and display in a visually stunning manner.

Upload images to galleries using the new Fooshy Gallery, add tags such as Image Creator and Image Caption and even auto thumb the image on upload. Once the images are stored, use the script provided to display the images using the latest web methods (see demo site for example).

Fooshy Search

A single button click within Fooshy Admin will set a spider crawling through your site, indexing each page and building up a comprehensive, searchable database of your site's content, much in the same way Google does.

Once spidering is complete (the process takes less than a minute for a regular sized site), every visitor to your site will be able to search the content for a particular keyword or phrase, and retrieve a list of suitable matches.

Fooshy Search is a .net (ASPX) plug in control available for any site running on a Windows server. You do not need Fooshy CMS to use Fooshy Search on your site. Visit the Shop and download a free demo version.